Friday, July 12, 2013

4th of July

We had a very fun 4th of July together this year.  We started our day at a fun breakfast with friends..
And then rode our bikes home to play some games and make fruit kabobs
Joey had his swimming lessons, and while we were there we were given two little bunnies!!! (Thanks Madison)  The boys were so excited!  They named them Charles and J. Thumper.
So we spent the rest of the afternoon building them a little house.... Joey painted it red. 
The we went for a very fun BBQ and swimming party with friends.
And then for a great fireworks party to finish off our fun day!
How lucky we are to live in our county and celebrate the freedoms we have! 

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Trek Adventure

Nate and I were thrilled to be part of the Trek (a special activity for the youth of our church ) as a part of the activities comittee.  One of our main assignments was to be Indians who the Pioneers came upon while traveling.  We had some others that were Indians with us, and we surrounded the youth and negotiated a trade with them.  We had Elk Jerky that we traded them for the wooden beads they had as necklaces.  It was so much fun!  I couldn't believe how awesome Nate looked as an Indian.  We also got to stay and help out with other activites, and I was one of the photographers- so I took lots of pictures of our adventure!  We hope to be able to go next time when Connor will be old enough to go too! 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Birthday

The boys got me a new bike helmet for my birthday, and we headed out for a fun ride together as a family.  It was the one thing I REALLY wanted to do for my birthday, and it was great!
Then Nate took us on a surprise visit to Viera's Bakery, where the boys had doughnuts and Nate picked up the cake he had ordered me- A Tres Leches cake- SO DELICIOUS!  
It was a special treat to have my parents come visit for my birhtday & father's day weekend.  My mom made me a beautiful strawberry cake too-
Connor wanted to help me with the candles- Good thing we didn't put all 35 on there!  It was such a fun day to celebrate with my family.  I'm feel so lucky to be healthy and happy and feeling great at 35 years old. 

Fun in the Sun

There's nothing like the carefree days of summer playing outside and getting wet!  We got a fun tunnel splash slide for the boys and have spent hours playing with it!  I had fun trying to get some fun pictures without getting my camera wet! 


Summer kick off with friends

We had a super fun night with some of our great friends doing a Summer Kick off night- We played outdoor games, had a bonfire and made smores, and enjoyed being together, and celebrating the summer ahead.  We ended the night with "no bears are out tonight"- a family favorite.  Such a fun night with such wonderful friends! 

Richland Chalk Festival

Last Saturday we participated in the Richland Uptown Chalk Festival.  The boys each got a 4 ft. by 4ft. square to draw on and they spent the morning creating their master pieces!  It was such a fun event and there were so many talented artists there!  We got Spudnuts doughnuts & some lemonade, and a few other treats they got free for participating, and then headed over to swim at the pool we joined this summer. 
 Connor's Clone Wars Drawing

Joey's Dragon

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last day of school

It was just a half day for the last day of school, and they were so excited to have it go fast!  Nate got to take them up for the last time, and he even remembered to take a quick picture (thanks Nate!) 
I made the boys some summer bags and cookies and got a few other things ready while they were gone, and we they got home we celebrated, read through thier report cards and then went to our neighbors for a little party.  We had a summer kick off ward party that night which was a lot of fun too.  It was a fabulous day! I'm so excited to have my little buddies home for a few months!